• Campanile in the Fall
    Campanile in the Fall

Learning Ecosystem Assessment and Review of Needs (LEARN)

The Learning Ecosystem Assessment and Review of Needs (LEARN) process is a community engagement intended to identify long-range needs of the physical and electronic classroom at ISU.  Through a series of engagements with administration, faculty, support staff, and students, the LEARN process will lead to:

  • A long-term direction regarding ISU’s learning management system
  • A more informed online learning presence
  • A long-term plan for technology use in ISU classrooms


In the fall of 2012, support staff for ISU’s learning management system began exploring the possibility of reviewing the current system (Blackboard).  As discussions with faculty began, it became apparent that there was a greater desire to holistically discuss its usage within the entire learning and teaching environment.  With that, a process was developed to analyze the needs of the entire learning ecosystem.  The results of the needs assessment will inform the long term-direction of physical and electronic classrooms and guide how investments are made in the future at ISU.